Early Out Services

With Evergreen Account Management, you have the ability to make changes quickly and free up key employees to concentrate on more important areas of your business and increase cash flow, while simultaneously reducing overhead.

Timely and efficient collection action is the key to keeping receivables in check and avoiding the unnecessary aging of the accounts.

Too often, receivables are left sitting, waiting to be called and followed up on because the in-house staff is over burdened or inexperienced.

This is the worst situation possible since receivables become more uncollectable in proportion to their age.

An Early Out program will resolve a group of accounts much faster and more efficiently than in-house staff.

Payment plans can be customized to your specifications.

Patients with serious financial situations can be handled on an individual basis and temporary plans can be arranged until their situation improves, thus keeping the account from moving into a collection status causing the patient more financial stress.

Patients are given coupon books for convenience and are able to set up automatic and recurring payments with us by using a credit card or electronic check.

By implementing our Early Out program, fewer accounts go to collection which yield measurable returns as early in the collection process as possible.

Your Patients will be happy with the availability to make monthly payments and your office wont be faced with the uncomfortable and awkward situation of asking for payment.
Below are some of the ways that our Early Out and Time Payment programs will benefit your facility:

*All accounts, regardless of balance will be worked.

*All calls will come to our office, so your staff can concentrate their efforts in other areas.

*All patient statements will be sent by us, which will save you greatly on postage as well as the costs of statements, printer supplies, in addition to the cost of personnel associated with this project.

*Patients will receive coupons in order to remind them of each payment due.

*Past due payment plans will be followed up on in a timely manner.

* Increase recovery through this program will mean less accounts going to collection, at a higher fee.

Time Payment Services

With our Time Payment services, patients are first notified by mail that there account has been referred to our office in order to help them resolve their financial responsibility to you.

Patients are urged to contact our office to set up a suitable payment plan, which will allow them to resolve the debt in a reasonable amount of time, without it becoming a financial burden. Letters are followed up with telephone contacts until a repayment plan is negotiated.

Missed payments are followed up with both telephone calls and reminder letters.

If the patient defaults on their arrangement, or if there is no arrangements or response, you will be notified in writing and at that time you will have the option of recalling the accounts for further in house activity, or placing them with the collection agency of your choice.

Account Management Services

Our Account Management Services if for those patients which have made a pre-determined payment arrangement with your office. We send your patient the payment coupon book and follow up on missed payments as in the same manner as described above. This service is a great way to manage those patients who send in sporadic payments who just need someone to remind them.

In every hospital, clinic and physicians office, there will be patients who ignore your attempts to recover the amount due and those who move away or need to be pursued further.  In the event that collection action is necessary, Utah Billing and Recovery Services is the collection agency who will take your bad debt accounts and offer a stronger approach.  We have a highly skilled skip-tracing team who will access up to date tools, to help locate those who have skipped out and verify assets once they are found.
In the event legal action is necessary, our legal team has over 30 years experience in collecting legal accounts.

Evergreen Account Management
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