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We are dedicated to improving the bottom line for forward thinking health care providers.

Today's healthcare executives face growing financial pressures; large numbers of uninsured patients, higher co-pays and deductibles, lower reimbursements from insurance companies and government agencies. All of which contribute to a complex accounting environment that increases overhead.

Evergreen Account Management understands and can ease the accounts receivable burden created by changes in the way modern health care facilities function.

In theory, most business offices have a work plan that calls for the accounts to be worked at least every 30 days. In reality, most business offices lack the time, resources and technology to handle the heavy volume created by the growth in small balance outpatient business as well as the increase in self pay.

It is not unusual for such accounts to flow directly to collection agencies, increasing bad debt and decreasing patient goodwill.

We offer targeted work plans that assist with these challenges. 

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